Friday, February 9, 2007

Ugh... Second guessing again...

So this coming week is my audiogram with the NHS.

I desperately wish to fib on it for the purpose of being prescribed hearing aids that I intend to have privately "filled."


It's more difficult than one might think to manipulate the audiogram.

1. Tones do not progress from lows to highs or from highs to low. They are random at random volumes.
2. It is difficult to discriminate what is 40dB and 35dB and 45dB without a great deal of training.
3. Similarly it is difficult to discriminate frequencies (125Hz or 250Hz or 500Hz).
4. Feigning a severe loss would be difficult since I'll be verbally interacting with hospital staff. My lipreading isn't that good!

So there's a difficulty here. I may just have to be honest or try and sneak some loud noises before the test! But Casey is coming with me and the test is very early in the morning.... Ugh.

Fib or honest...I'll probably decide on the bloody day!

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