Friday, February 23, 2007

Such noise...

I've spent the day multitasking between cleaning the flat and some computer tasks. Both of which have been quite productive but at the end I had to vacuum. Noisy noisy noisy. Worst part is our vacuum cleaner is broken so it didn't do a good job.

All day I've just been chillin' with the relative quiet. Just the fans and my typing and I was able to tune them both out. I listened to some music here and there but there wasn't much point since I wasn't at the computer for long stretches. Did I mention I have ADD?

Anyways, this is just me whining that the quiet of the day was broken by the vacuum cleaner.

Tomorrow Casey and I are going shopping for an interview outfit (and perhaps a summer dress I have my eye on). It's going to be very busy and very noisy in town. The noise alone makes me anxious and the crowds don't help that!

I may have an interesting post to make tonight about a radio program... but I'll have to see what happens.

1 comment:

sean said...

How about putting oiled cotton in your ear to go shopping? Would Casey understand that?