Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Those problems real and imagined

So I've had my hearing test. I did it honestly, more or less. It is all basically "normal" except for a spike around 4KHz down to about 40dB on the left and about 30dB on the right.

Sometimes I hate my honest nature. I sat down and didn't even think about how I might go about fibbing; there wasn't time, really. The tech put the headphones on my ears and within a very short time sound was pumping through.

At the end I'm told it's all in my head, basically. The real problems I face are simply imagined. Maybe they're right and it's just wishful thinking but I would think the time to not fuck around would be with the guy that can throw your ass in prison i.e., security guy at the airport.

The great irony is that I'm referred to someone that is going to teach me how to hear. Ha! I couldn't really say no.

The trip wasn't for nothing, though. I learned that a good point to aim for is a 35ish decibel loss. Anything better than 25 decibels is considered normal.

I guess I get to bitch and moan on this blog for a long time since it'd be suspicious to those around me to go sooner than (I estimate) two years.

I'm thinking about telling Casey. Perhaps the time is right coming at the end of an failed hearing test (and people think that I have passed!), perhaps sie'll be receptive. In any case I need to vent.

None of my questions were answered: my ears feel full, I'm still dizzy. I guess I have to bitch to my GP to get that sorted. Wonderful! I was hoping I could get that sorted at the hearing test.


I don't know what's worse:
1) The fact that no one believes me
2) My hearing is fine
3) My options are now severely limited


Sean said...


Glad you were honest about it, even though you didn't get the result you wanted.

Is there anyway to get hearing aids without a prescription? That might be your way out.

As for Casey... Sie deserves to know, as scary as it all is.


Marie said...

Yeah, I can buy some HAs from eBay and then have earmoulds made for my ear. That would require me telling Casey, of course.

Today would be a good opening. Sie just walked in the door, actually, home from work.

I need lots of hugs indeed. I was going to just sleep after the test but I couldn't stop crying.

Sean said...

I hope you'll find the courage to tell hir. I'll understand if you don't. I hope you'll keep us informed.

Sending positive thoughts your way.