Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Periodic Enjoyment

I admit:
I listen to TV and podcasts and music. I sleep better with the air filter on that Casey bought for the bedroom because of the constant noise that it makes.

It bothers me that I enjoy these things slightly. Why don't I turn the channel on the TV when there are no subtitles? (On a side note: why aren't there always subtitles and why do live subtitles always suck?) I'm not bothered so much by the air filter or music/podcasts because they serve as distractions from my tinnitus and other ambient sounds.

The boiler in our flat is in a closet in our bedroom approximately two feet from where I sleep. Without the air filter on I can hear it working at night and I can hear an ever-so-faint ticking of its timer. (Interesting side note: For a while I was able to hear the ticking even over the air filter. I can't do that anymore even when the filter is cleaned. That made me *SO* happy.)

I'm getting ready for bed now and that means that I don't have the music on or my headphones. I can hear the fans in the office from the computers and I can hear my typing. The typing irritates me more whereas the fans are quiet and constant.

I remind myself that I don't want to be completely deaf and that I shouldn't come down too hard on myself for the above things, but it still bothers me slightly.

Anyways... I'm off to bed. If I lay on my left side and put the quilt over my right ear it's as close to silent as I'm going to get while still maintaining sanity versus the dreaded boiler.

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Jennifer said...

I always turn on subtitles. I have so much trouble understanding TV/movies. No subtitles, I rewind a lot.

I can hear my lightbulbs and my clock in my bedroom.

So annoying.