Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Wonder While We Wander

I often wonder how my life will be -- you know, the little things -- once I achieve my goal of hearing loss. I've walked down streets with earplugs and the 20 decibel attenuation doesn't really give a feel for the loss I am after. It was certainly better than nothing but I wonder how things will be different.

I think "what will be different?" The answer is always "everything." So much of our lives as hearing people relies on auditory cues: our partner sighing, the door buzzer for pizza, assuring the fans in our computers are working without other devices, cooking, television, walking down the street (alone at night even moreso), travelling ("there has been a gate change..."), everything.

Knowing that these things will be different is a far cry from the reality of it. In this I expect some level of adaptation on my part: One can't anticipate everything. I don't expect my life being (moderately) deaf to be easy but I believe it will be better. I look forward to these adaptive challenges and believe that I will find ways to adapt to them all.


Sean said...

I think that many people tend to automatically assume that easy=better, but I suggest there is no real relationship between how easy something is and how good it is.

Marie said...

Childbirth is painful but very good. The thought that "easy = better" is deeply flawed. Some of life's better things are hard like the journey to happiness.