Sunday, March 18, 2007


The people I work with are really cool. Most of them are my age. But there's a few problems (TA-wise):

They all seem to

1) be soft talkers
2) prefer talking over IM or Email

Getting to work requires a lot of speaking: train ticket type, bus ticket type, and talking to a taxi driver if I take a taxi. (Taxis seem to talk to their fares a lot here.)

I love the work that I do but I hope it doesn't drive me mad! I think I'll send a note to my group (did I mention that I'm a 'team leader'?) and say that I prefer typing when possible. Obviously (and this is a practicality thing, alas), some topics are time sensitive and require a verbal explanation. Or, talking to a group...

Many issues, they'll all be fixed soon, one way or another!


Anonymous said...

One of the things you can use to 'justify' written correspondence rather than verbal is so that you have a record of what was said, so you don't forget or misinterpret anything.

Marie said...

Good idea!

My memory is pretty poor anyways.

Sean said...

I converted my entire office to actually prefering email for raising issues, because they discovered that *they* had a record fo what they had said and when. :)

But more than that, nothing stops you from explaining that you *do* have a hearing impairment, that even though you're not at the stage (yet) of needing hearing aids, you find verbal communication to be more difficult, that you are unlikely to hear what they say unless they face you directly, that if you don't respond to them when they talk to you, it's not that you're rude but that you simply didn't hear them, they must get your attention first. All these are things *I* tell people I work with, because *I* can't hear them so well.

And it paves the way for when you'll get those hearing aids on ebay ;)

Marie said...

So very true Sean!

I think I'll bring that up with my group. Especially about the written communications.

There are other benefits too: If I'm in the middle of coding something that REALLY requires some fierce concentration someone saying "Marie... can you take a look a this" will throw me completely off! An instant message will give me time to finish what I'm doing and respond to the message when I can. Anything important enough to warrant interruption would be worth interrupt coding anyways.