Thursday, March 8, 2007

One of those 'TA Days'

This has been one of those days.

This morning Casey kind of had a go at me since I was reminding hir of a doctor appointment and sie kept dozing off in hir chair. I kept prodding so sie wouldn't be late (which happened anyways) and sie said "I just want 5 minutes and you keep waking me up every 2 minutes!!" *sigh* That started it I think... not that it's Casey's fault; sie still doesn't know. (that's my fault)

Then every tiny pathetic noise was pissing me off the entire day and it's been wearing me down. I have been listening to music of course except when I watched a little telly and leafed through a book.

Life is hard but it could be harder... of course it could be much easier.

On an unrelated note I had a thought the other day: If Casey and I were to visit my family back home (which is in a very largely populated deaf area) in 10 years (I presume that in 10 years we'll both be fluent with BSL and use it as our main means of communication) would the ASL users would look at Casey and I quizically, recognising sign but not understanding. What an odd thought to have!

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Sean said...

Gotta hate these wee bits of frictions here and there :(

As for your ASL/BSL bit... As someone who was mostly fluent in ASL myself (had to learn, several colleagues were Deafies), and having moved to a place where it's more BSE than ASL, I can tell you that they would mostly "get it", but it *is* a different language. ASL is sooo much more one handed "lazy" signing, compared to BSE. And fingerspelling is definitely COMPLETELY different.