Tuesday, March 27, 2007

So that one thing

I say tongue-in-cheek that bacon is the one thing that would make me ever reconsider atheism. There's one thing that would also, in the same way, make me reconsider bringing deafness upon myself: a cat's meow.

As I was walking home today from the job centre interview for a NI # one of the neighbourhood cats let me pet it and it meowed at me. I thought: "I'm going to miss that." Strange how it's not "I shouldn't do this!" but "I'm going to miss that."

I was having a slightly crummy day, fighting with my employer's VPN and the stress of the interview (I was out for 90 minutes in total!) and the kitty made my day! I love cats and believe them to be a higher form of life (no, I'm not kidding).

In fact I think top mounted ears like a cat's would be... the cat's meow! But I wonder how BTEs would be fitted to them... ;-)

(edit: Negated a key part of the 2nd paragraph for clarity. Thanks K. for pointing it out!)


Sean said...

There are many things I'm thinking "I will miss that", but none of them make me reconsider my need.

Let's face it, this really is an important part of who and what we are.

Claire said...

Darn you anyway Sean, whenever I want to post a comment I show up late to find that you've already said what I wanted to say!

Well I'll add my voice, there are lots of things I'd miss too. Like working out. But it's not the things I miss that makes me reconsider my need. If I reconsider my need, it's because I have shoulder and arm problems already, and being a paraplegic would only make them worse, and in the long run I think it would make me more disabled than I actually want to be, and one day I would think I was better off able bodied than more disabled than I bargained for. :o(