Friday, March 2, 2007

The Job Interview

So this week I had an interview for a Linux Sysadmin role at a UK-based company. I haven't heard from the role yet but I want to write a few things down here: I think the interview went "okay" - as well as it could go; my skills aren't a perfect fit for the role and everyone knew it.

I decided to play it safe and not pretend to be HOH/Deaf although the two men who interviewed me seemed to be muddled slightly at times. I was very tired on the day and I think that lapses in concentration affect(ed) my ability to concentrate on what they (and others) are saying.

I should hear about the result this coming week. With luck I'll earn the role! Wouldn't it be nice to have money to spend on things...such as hearing aids? ;-)


Anonymous said...

You are a Linux chick!? Hey, this is cool! What distribution do you personally use? I´m a long time SUSE Linux user ;-) I am disabled, is there a Linux User Group for disabled geeks?

Marie said...

I use Gentoo, actually. I'm not sure there's a disabled usersgroup (DLUG?) but that'd be nifty!