Monday, March 19, 2007


I seem to have an issue with vocal clarity at work. I believe that some of it is due to the accents of my coworkers but I (hope) don't think it's limited to just that. I am usually very good with accents. In fact I was able to watch Trainspotting with no subtitles and was able to understand most (if not all) of what everyone was saying. Anyways, accents don't usually throw me off.

However the two guys I deal with daily seem to talk gibberish!! On first pass they don't make any sense but when I stop and piece together what they've said and what I've understood into a complete thought it then begins to make sense.

That's what is annoying me.

Why do I have to hear every other pathetic noise (like pidgeon claws on flagstones! Fucks sake that's REALLY quiet!) but struggle with voices.

It's annoying to strugle so much with one thing but hear another thing so clearly.

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