Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Good noise, Bad noise

I have a concept of "good noise" and "bad noise" that directly correlate to the 'badness' a day is with regards to stress from BIID.

Good noise is noise that I control: an iPod, or a video on my computer through headphones.

Bad noise is noise that I can't control. Coworkers, Casey talking or laughing, and almost everything.

Good noise can turn into bad noise, especially when I begin to think about the sound and not the content of the sound. If that makes sense. Today I was watching Star Trek: Enterprise while working from home and it turned into bad noise. Partly because earlier in the day I was thinking about deafness (as usual).

I tolerate good noise since it blocks things out, but it can become bad. It's depressing because at that point no noise is good noise; it's all bad.


Robin said...

I completely agree! I listen to my iPod most of the time I'm out in the world to turn 'bad noise' (road noise, train noise, etc.) into 'good noise' (my music, as i control it!).

Though I have the advantage of being able to turn 'bad noise' into 'no noise' by muting my aids, that still leaves me with tinnitus, which is not 'good noise'...

Marie said...

As strange as it sounds I'd rather have the tinnitus. That is "better noise".