Friday, April 6, 2007

A better day

Yesterday was pretty crappy. My books came before work so I had a chance to bring one with me. I picked the Auditory Processing Disorder book.

Unfortunately while reading there's no protection from bad noise -- in fact, it seems that there's nothing but "bad noise"! I read what I could in the book and it was good. But yesterday was a really crappy day.

Today seems to be better. Today and Monday is a holiday in the UK so I don't have to go to work enduring bad noise. Although a friend of Casey's is in town and we were planning to go out today (the Friday before Easter...) and it'll be very busy. I don't know if I'll go along but..meh... bad noise is bad.

I don't wear earplugs to work because Casey and I take the same train from where we live and it'd be hard to explain...but I may do it anyways when reading! Augh... I hate noise.


Sean said...

Would it not actually be a perfect introduction for Casey? Tell hir about the "bad noise" and explain how difficult it is for you and how easier it is with earplugs in? Once that fact has been digested, you can move on to telling her more. The longer you wait to disclose, the harder it will be for hir to accept. Take it from me, I've wrecked more than one relationship because I waited too long to tell.

Marie said...

That's a good idea.

I'll buy earplugs and use them on the train to read!

May said...

Definitely use earplugs on the train. Unless you have weird trains, trains are noisy and noisy is distracting. Casey should understand that. Plus, trains are generally bad noise in that it's the type that is /really/ distracting.

The book on auditory processing should be interesting, I'd imagine. I have just fine hearing, as far as I know, but auditory processing issues. I can't even read a book anymore if there is any noise around - can't keep focused.

I tend to explain to people that I'm hard of hearing, as an explanation as to why I need them to repeat things 5 times and finally make them email it to me.