Sunday, April 15, 2007

Crappy memory

So last night as I was going to bed I thought of a great topic to post about. The general idea was a hypothetical situation regarding hearing aids. After that I have no idea.

Instead I'll post about the week:

o This past week hasn't been too bad noise-wise.
o I'm really looking forward to my appointment with the hearing therapist but I still don't know when it is. D'oh.
o Work is good although I'm annoyed with a coworker because he wants to talk to me instead of using IM like he does with everyone else in the office.

Maybe my memory will improve. ;)


Sean said...

They say memory is the second to last thing to go... I can't remember what the last one is! ;)

Kyla said...

Maybe he just thinks your cute and wants to look at you when he's communicating with you.