Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Transabled Paradox

So on the heels (would a wheelchair user say 'on the wheels'?) of my Inner Reflection post and a chat with Sean from I realised what a paradox it is. I want to be deaf but I'd also use hearing aids to restore my hearing. Some people who have a desire to be amputees would use prostetics.

It seems paradoxical to want to lose hearing and then to use a device designed to AID hearing. Just like it seems paradoxical to want to lose a limb (or more!) and then use a prostetic to "replace" it. I have called that "The Transabled Paradox!"

At this time I could spend a few paragraphs pondering why I want to use a hearing aid to restore hearing (or not. HAs are more like symbology and reinforcement that yes I am deaf/HOH) or why an amputee-wannabe would use a prostetic but I'm not going to. Too much effort. I like calling something "The Transabled Paradox" ;-)

Carry on...

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Anonymous said...

I can tell you, why you want to use hearing aids and why amputation wannabes want to use prosthetics. The reason is, deep in your soul you do not want to be disabled, you do not want to be deaf. What you want are certain things you connect with being deaf, but you do not want to accept the big disadvantges, because noone wants to be disabled. It is not a paradox, it´s just a sign you are still sane, so to say. A therapist might be able to help you to overcome the desire to be deaf, or to be more precise, to overcome the illusions you have on your mind that you connect with being deaf. Though, the biggest problem is, BIID sufferers are very very reluctant to accept therapy, many say therapy does not help, but no BIID patient knows anyone who seriously made this step. Good luck and I hope you can learn to overcome these feelings.