Friday, October 12, 2007


It's very frustrating to spend the majority of hours of days on end pumping loud music into one's ears and seemingly have no ill effects.

I have a set of "pure tone" frequencies ranging from 125Hz to 8KHz and on the lowest volume on my MacBook Pro I can hear them all. Makes me question what the point is of noise therapy in the first place if it I can still hear these tones. Yes I know what the point is and I still seek it! Music, it seems, is simply not loud enough. Neither is loud white noise (or pink noise). These all have temporary effects but not long-lasting.

I'm beginning to understand why people put superglue in their ears and try ototoxic drugs. I am prepared to wait, I understand that intentionally damaging one's hearing (with the methods I've been using) isn't something that can be done in a few weeks or months. But damnit, some progress would be nice. :/

The amusing thing is that my tinnitus is no worse.

I have nothing else to do except continue with what I'm doing. It is hard to spend a long time with REALLY loud things up against your ears because people tend to come looking to investigate the cause of loud noises (air horns, personal alarms and so on).

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