Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The euphemistic "therapy"

That is short for "noise therapy". Ever since the personal alarms came I've been trying to find time and work the logistics out on how to use it. Surely one can't hold it to their ear and walk to work.

However, home usage seems the only likely solution; under blankets and pillows and things to muffle the sound. And so I had a short test this morning. The pain isn't bad at all - in fact it did not hurt at all. Isn't that supposed to be the entire point of a personal alarm? Or is it to just draw attention? Anyways...

The alarm has an interesting auditory effect. There's the obvious high pitched noise and a more subtle effect that is observed. This latter effect is more like a "wub wub wub" much more infrequent (and quieter) than the high-frequency oscillations. Honestly I wasn't expecting it. I imagine some DJ would sample it and mix it into a trance song. ha.

I only had a minute this morning as the primary goal was a test of endurance. I stopped because I need to leave for work shortly. 'll try again tomorrow.

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