Monday, August 6, 2007

Another update

An Update

I've just finished reading the book Seeing Voices, by Oliver Sacks. The book is a very good look at Deaf culture and the history of deafness in the Western world. I won't say too much about it other than it's a very good read and (given the history) I can understand a bit why so many Deaf people are so against Cochler implants and hearing people who seek deafness for themselves.

And on to the real subject of the the update. I've been considering methods of making myself deaf and have come to a sort of quandry: Even if I manage to make myself severely deaf how would I explain to any sane audiologist why I waited until then to seek help? Wouldn't I have noticed when, you know, I couldn't hear people? It seems that a stepping method would be required for any sense of believability. By "believability" I mean without having to explain myself!

I then began to wonder why I would even care. Well it's obvious: I need to have some sort of doctor signoff for work and probably would have to use some sort of correction at work.

And on to the topic of correction (re: hearing aids). I continue to ponder the correlary between the 40 year old transsexual woman I saw in the therapist's office when I was there to get my second letter for GRS that was wearing something completely pink and not age appropriate. Those types of people I can't help think are overcompensating or trying to overly present a female image. The same thing applies to me with my coveting of hearing aids: overly present a deaf image.

Casey and I are planning to move soon, closer to where we both work, and sie has offered to take BSL courses with me. But we'll need around £1600 for the first month's rent including security deposity, plus having to pay another £600 rent where we currently live for a month, and then £200 each for BSL lessons. I may have to wait until Spring for lessons. :( I don't think we/I could afford it all. *sigh*

Maybe in Spring.


Sean said...

Regarding a back story if you manage to make yourself deaf. I wouldn't worry too much about it, unless you seek benefits such as rehab, etc.

What *can* a doctor do? Once you're deaf, you have achieved the goal you had. The fact will be that you *will* be deaf, and the reason/method behind it will matter very little in terms of actually needing accommodation at work. I would also write a letter now, outlining your goals and that you have no further intentions of self-injury after you've reached your goals, send it to yourself, registered, signature required, then don't open it, may come in handy later on when you need to show the quacks that you're not gonna do anything worse...

My 2 cents

Eric said...

Just a comment about the transwoman in pink: Many of these "new women" just don't know how to dress for current fashion. They are often pressured by images in the media, just as the rest of society is, and that sort of thing usually remedies itself in time. Hopefully she'll find another transwoman who can give her fashion and makeup tips to get her through the first few years. That may help her to not stick out like a sore thumb, and of course, be more recognized as a transwoman!

Kyla said...

A common problem with transwomen (which I feel is related to the one you describe) is that regardless of the age at which they begin transition, they go through a phase of 'girlhood' - of starting from scratch trying to regrow themselves through their childhood as a girl, which they never had the opportunity to do. So even if they're 40+, they go through the phases of dressing (and occasionally ACTING) like a 16, 12, or even 8-yr-old girl - because they never had the opportunity to do that when they WERE that age.