Friday, August 17, 2007

Worse and worse

With each day my desire to be deaf increases. It is, I think, directly related to stress and therefor could be a coping mechanism. Whether or not that's healthy or not I don't care - it's a feedback loop and it sucks.

I had my hearing therapy appointment recently and the lady suggested lipreading classes. Good idea and something I was planning long term (after BSL level 1). I also got a printout of my audiogram from February. It is all normal (everything above 20db really) except the 6KHz dip: down 30 at left, down 40 at right. It was a bit depressing to see such a flat line leading up to the notch but the printout also had a grayed out area corresponding to the speech banana. I saw that as a kind of target zone, something to aim for to destroy my hearing.

I have a followup audiogram in February - I have a lot to do by then!

Anyways the whole point of this was to rant and not to recap my hearing therapy - i wanted a post for it by itself

I hate hearing and the stress that comes from a noisy office and commuting almost 4 hours a day.

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