Thursday, May 17, 2007

Opportunity, take two

This week has been exceptionally busy at work. Meetings every day. At the start of the week the week looked grim. Yesterday I was ALLLLLMOST ready to take a job doing the same sort of work five minutes from our flat. Today I'm glad to work there since they saw the light and will do things the easy way instead of making me do a lot more work.

So today I learn that my part in this massive project is far easier, I get to work from home tomorrow (I was supposed to do so on Wednesday but had a meeting!!), I get to leave work 20 minutes early and get home 35 minutes early, and when I get home there's an advertisement in the mailslot...

The advertisement is for a place called David Ormerod. They sell digital hearing aids and they have a sale until the end of May. This made my face light up! Horray! I can use this to tell Casey (for example): "So I'm going to book an appointment to work on the goal you suggested." - "What goal, Marie?" - "To be a deaf person, like you suggested."

Ha ha. Now that I have work and regular income it wouldn't burden Casey (too much?). I want to discuss this with hir cos it's driving me mad.


Eric said...

Just wondering how things went with this? Did you have this conversation with hir?

Marie said...

No, urk. I haven't. It's a long story but it seems that Casey and I have a few more communication problems to sort before I drop this on hir.