Friday, January 26, 2007


This is a blog about a young woman in her mid 20s that wants to

have a moderate/severe hearing loss. Her name isn't Marie even though that is what she uses to identify herself with.

Unfortunately there aren't any easy to select the level of hearing loss or to find a medical doctor to help achieve it. Doctors aren't in the habit of "harming" people, even if it's what they desire. This is a problem for Marie since she doesn't want to be completely deaf but rather she wants to have a specific level of hearing loss. The reason for this is that she wants normal sounds to be inaudible except when being amplified with a hearing aid. She doesn't want to be deaf because she still likes to communicate verbally (it is easier to communicate complex ideas) even though at times she finds it difficult to speak, the reason for this may be related to her being on the autistic spectrum.

Marie also still finds some audible things to be worth listening to such as music and live television (she notes that live captions are poor quality). Her preferred method of communication is actually nonverbally.

In this blog Marie will post about her interests in otology, hearing test results, methods of damaging her hearing, and her quest to acquire behind the ear (BTE) hearing aids.

Currently Marie is living with a mild hearing loss in low frequencies of approximately -20 dBSPL and and is awaiting a hearing test (which she will post about) that's in the middle of February.

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