Friday, September 21, 2007

Having to pick

I like quiet and I don't like noise (this is not the novel thing).
I need to expose myself to loud noises to become deaf (or other more risky methods that I'm not prepared for yet).
I hate having to pick between an already quiet room and noise therapy. On the one hand I know that it's the path to my goal but on the other hand it'll be noisy and I don't want to 1) interrupt the quiet and 2) hear to noise!

The choice sucks.


Anonymous said...

You need a psychologist. If you want to instantly, permanently become deaf, may I suggest the following:

Go into a swimming pool with a pistol and get your head under water and get all the air out of your ears and the gun. Fire the gun away from you but near your body.
There will be *no* damage to your body, but you will never hear another noise again.

Sean said...

Noise exposure, doesn't that take a long time to get you the results you want? Isn't there a faster, more "sudden" way to achieve it? Perhaps a tad more risky, but at least, it would be done and over with. Dunno. Just food for thoughts

Marie said...

Yes Anonymous that is right. But in the UK handguns are tightly restricted.

Sean - hearing loss by noise exposure, depends on the level and duration (per session). I'm happy to make this a gradual decline (it'd be easier to believe than a stark change overnight like Anonymous's suggestion).

Sean said...

Were it my choice, I'd go for the sudden thing. Get it over with. So, you couldn't explain it as "accidental" or "natural", but you'd be done, and deaf. Why prolonge the agony if you have a relatively easy access to a method to get where you need to go? Heck, it's worth a trip to the US, get yourself a free flight to NYC, get a gun, and go swimmin' ;)

Anonymous said...

God! Are you an idiot?!?!?! Why would you want to become deaf? You have a serious mental problem.

Marie said...

Nah, I'm not stupid. It's okay, I have thick skin. lol

Elizabeth said...

I can't believe I found your website

For years I've wanted to be deaf, even went through a period where I also blasted music for hours on end as loud as possible, but grew discouraged with no results (and tinnitus to boot!)

I have a mild form of autism, and sounds are profoundly disturbing to me. Just the faint sound of a TV in the next apartment can send me into a meltdown. I'd love to be profoundly deaf, using cochlear implants when necessary.

Anyway, please keep in touch, I'd love to hear how your journey goes. I'm always looking for new methods (medications, etc), so if you hear of anything, please post!

Best wishes!