Tuesday, January 29, 2008

On Vocabulary

In the BIID community there's a lack of terminology available to us. We tend to say "wannabe", "need", and "want" and "desire" and the other synonyms to describe how we are effected.

But they're not right and their other meanings too simplistic and convey an inappropriate meaning.

Every time I encounter someone and tell them about my...condition one of those words wants to come out; they're a copout. They're an easy exit without having to go down the long road of explaining what I feel, how I feel and how those feelings impact me and have me see deafness as a solution.

Using those words is just easier than going through the longwinded explanation (again and again) because in the end the person to whom we explain will just boil it down to those other words.

Whenever I use those four words imagine we had a long conversation in which I explained that the words aren't sufficient to describe what I feel and that they're just a close approximation.

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Anonymous said...

This is a message for Marie... I've been reading your blog and agree with you that words often aren't subtle enough to contain the full complexities of life, especially in issues like this. I say this because I'm a writer/ researcher/ film-maker and I've been working on complex and morally challenging issues for years. I don't have anything specific going on at the moment... but I'd love to have a private, totally off-the-record e-mail exhange or chat with you some time (you don't even have to tell me your name or identity if you don't want to!)... this is just something that I'm genuinely interested in in all its subtlety, and I'd like to know more and make sure I properly understand. You can reach me at paul.csmc@googlemail.com - I really hope to hear from you, however you wish to get in touch.

Thanks very much.